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Crackdown on MS-13 in Long Island

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A few years ago a great supporter of the Guardian Angels effort, Carl Lanzisera, who created Americans for Legal Reform donated to us his truck.   We have used it to crisscross Long Island in pursuit of MS-13 which now has strongholds throughout Nassau and Suffolk County.  At times we’ve had to attend meetings in the north shore followed by patrols on the south shore and always pushing further out onto the east end as MS-13 can now be found even in the Hamptons.  


So this past week we brought Carl’s truck in for a total overhaul at a Midas shop in Maspeth Queens.  We had everything fixed that needing fixing from bumper to bumper.  And the reason for this?  Because communities in Nassau county are in a quandary about what to do with the growing street presence of MS-13 in their neighborhoods.  We are throwing more human resource and fiscal resource into this effort.  The good thing is that local authorities are finally sharing information with the Feds.  In fact, it was tips that came to Homeland Security that led to the Nassau county cops unearthing 3 victims and there is more to come.  So a special thanks to Carl and everyone who has been super supportive of our efforts to crack down on MS-13.  We will keep you in the loop.

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