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Guardian Angels Potentially Establishing Perv Busters in China

Ladies & Gentlemen,

In the last few days Representatives of the mainland Chinese government have reached out to me to just casually see about the possibility of establishing a Perv Buster patrol in the subway systems of the major cities in China. As you know this will be a delicate process since the government there is a dictatorship and tries to control everything. What this does indicate is that even in a society where government has complete control, where police can arrest without probable cause and you can be exiled to some gulag for the most simple violations, they cannot control this problem. They have set up all female subway cars to keep the Pervs out. The Pervs ignore it and openly defy the authorities. The subways in China like in NYC have become a haven for Pervs harassing women. It took a full year for Brett Mayfield and his wife Jaya to introduce the Perv Buster Guardian Angels concept in India. It is now underway. Clearly the authorities in India were open to the concept because of how expansive the problem was in their country. But India is the worlds largest democracy and they have shown no desire to control our volunteer effort. Likewise, we are beginning the process of forming a special Guardian Angels Perv Busters patrol for the underground subway in London. But the mainland of China poses many potential obstacles. We must make sure that there is no control by the police there and obviously it cannot be funded by their government.

As a result of that I will begin the process of having conversations about what we can do and how we can do it while sticking to our principles and the independence and autonomy that we are known for. What this shows us is that our global effort is being looked at by now many countries in need. First world or third world, dictatorships or democracies it matters not. What we must do is to continue to maintain our global way of addressing these problems. This will be the ultimate test. I will keep you all in the loop on this.

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