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Raising Reform Awareness May 11th – Attend, Call, or email

Attend, Call or Email
Just a reminder of our efforts to influence two US Senators this Friday. Showing up in person makes a large impact, but we realize everyone can’t get to Syracuse! Here are the options:
• Attend – if you can make please confirm with an email to jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org
• Email – Send in your story/picture by Wednesday (details below).
• Call – On Friday, May 11th, call the Syracuse Offices of Senator Schumer (315-423-5471) & Kirsten Gillibrand (315-448-0470). Please be polite & brief, leave them a message letting them know Family Rights are important. If you call, please let us know, we’ll record the info at our website.

Need your stories for two US Senators
THIS Friday, May 11th, we’ll visit the Syracuse offices of Senators Chuck Schumer (Senate Minority Leader) & Kirsten Gillibrand (Potential 2020 Presidential Candidate) and drop off your letters. We plan on meeting at the entrance of the Federal Building at 1 PM (details here). All are welcome!

After visiting the offices we’d like people to be spectators outside in the Federal Plaza. To emphasize the urgency of reform John Murtari will use some kid’s sidewalk chalk to also leave a message on the pavement. Having other parents there to watch and record events is very helpful! Brief YouTube video about the event.

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