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Smugglers and stash houses. Bribes and shakedowns

Smugglers and stash houses. Bribes and shakedowns. The price of the journey to escape gang violence in El Salvador and make it into the U.S.
Saturday, June 30, 2018 11:16 AM EST

Christopher Cruz, a 22-year-old from El Salvador, spent more than $12,000 getting to the United States. It was an almost inconceivable amount of money for someone who earned just a few dollars a day picking coffee beans back home. But he wasn’t weighing the benefits of a higher-paying job. He was fleeing violence and what he said was near-certain death at the hands of local gangs.
“There’s no other option,” Mr. Cruz said. “The first thought I had was, ‘I just need to get out of here at whatever cost.’”
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