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LaRouche Forum-Sat. July 14, 2:00PM

LaRouche Forum-Sat. July 14, 2:00PM

President Trump and Chairman Kim made history in Singapore. A Trump-Putin Summit will be held in July, and Mueller’s witch hunt is going down in flames. Americans must get off the sidelines and support the

New Paradigm!

Saturday, July 14, 2:00 pm
Huntington Public Library
338 Main St., Huntington NY

SPEAKER: Diane Sare, Executive Intelligence Review

For more information, please call 551-237-5272


The Revolution Comes to America in 2018

The revolt against the “mainstream” political parties which swept Donald Trump into the White House has not diminished in the least. While President Trump has made spectacular urgently needed breakthroughs in foreign policy (in spite of the outrageous targeting of his Presidency by British Intelligence through the FBI, Hollywood and the DNC), the conditions of life for most Americans have still not improved. Our bridges are collapsing, highways crumbling, and suicides are at an all time high.

As can be seen in the recent primary elections in New York State and elsewhere, the American people are on the move, rejecting anything that smacks of “business as usual,” and rejecting Trump-bashing candidates in both parties. This creates a great opportunity to finally transform the United States politically, economically, and culturally.

Lyndon LaRouche and his wife, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, have been leading the way with concrete policy initiatives for over 40 years. The fake-news media will never tell you the truth about what is happening in the world, or what can be done about it. LaRouche associate Diane Sare will present the program that every American needs to know in order to ensure the future for ourselves, and, more importantly, for our posterity.



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