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Cuomo Leads Molinaro 46 – 43

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Reform Party: Independent Poll Cuomo Leads Molinaro 46-43

Cuomo leads multi candidate with 31% over Molinaro 30% and Nixon 14%

New York, New York – In the absence of independent public polling, historically conducted during this period, the Reform Party commissioned an independent IVR poll, August 29-30 of 2783 likely general election voters to survey their views on the upcoming Governor’s race and other important issues.

Incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo, holds a three-point lead over his Republican and Reform party opponent Marc Molinaro, 46-43 percent, according to a new poll commissioned by the Reform Party of New York and conducted by Liberty Opinion Research.

In the multi-ballot question, Cuomo leads with 31% over Molinaro 30%, Cynthia Nixon 14%, Stephanie Miner 5%, Larry Sharpe 5%, Howie Hawkins 5% and 10% Not Sure.

“Bad news for Andrew Cuomo, over 53% of New Yorkers surveyed believe it’s time to give a new person a chance, which is buoying Molinaro who still is unknown by a majority of New Yorkers,” said Reform Party Chair Curtis Sliwa.

Sliwa added, “While a multi candidate race closes the margin even further to only one point, what is clear that we are headed to a competitive general election in November, which is good for New Yorkers who deserve a real choice.”

The poll also indicated that Cuomo’s “America was never that great” gaffe resulted in 47% of voters to be less likely to vote for the Governor. While 60% of voters oppose the Governor’s decision to pardon convicted felons on parole and restore their right to vote ahead of the 2018 election.

Concluded Sliwa, “After two terms as Governor and one as Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is essentially running for a fourth term and he has worn out his welcome with a majority of New Yorkers.”

The Reform Party/ Liberty Opinion Research poll of 2783 likely voters by IVR calls was conducted August 29 -30, 2018. The poll has a margin of error of 1.9%.


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