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Nancy SLIWA 4 New York Attorney General Campaign Letter

I am running for state Attorney General in New York because I passionately believe that New York should have the strongest animal protection laws in the nation.  Voting Nancy Sliwa for Attorney General will demonstrate to the Governor and our lawmakers in Albany that protecting animals is of great importance to you and must be a TOP priority of our state government.

On Thursday Sept 13th the Reform Party is holding their primary for Attorney General.  The primary will be the first time in New York State history that independent, unaffiliated voters can let their voice be heard in a statewide primary.  In addition to taking part in this historical vote coming out on Thursday Sept 13th is important for another reason – to save the thousands of helpless animals in New York.

If you are registered to vote but haven’t aligned yourself with a party you CAN VOTE in this Reform Party primary for state Attorney General Thursday, Sept 13th.

So make sure you come out to vote on Thursday Sept 13th to save the cats & dogs of New York

There are other issues also that I am passionate about.  Please check the website for more details.

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