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EIR Daily Alert – Volume 6, Number 02, Thursday, January 3, 2019

EIR Daily Alert – Thursday, January 3rd. 2019


Topics included:

• Worse Lying Than ‘Russiagate’: Hiding the Progress of Humanity
• Mexico’s López Obrador Announces ‘Every Young Person To Work’ Program, Inspired by FDR
• Xi Jinping on Taiwan Straits Policy, Stresses 5,000-Year-Old Culture Unites Both Sides
• In Syria Peace Effort, More Evidence Shows All Roads Do Lead to Moscow
• Energy Department Takes Two Steps Forward, One Step Back on New Nuclear Reactors
• Deng Xiaoping Simulated a ‘Moon Landing’ at NASA’s Johnson Space Center 40 Years Ago
• China Well Ahead of United States in Rail Gun Development
• Banca Carige, Italy’s Tenth-Largest Bank, Put in Receivership
• Somali Foreign Ministry Declares UN Envoy Persona Non Grata

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