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Tuesday September 6, 2016 - 7PM


999 Old Country Road

BRING A FRIEND - New Attendees welcomed and encouraged


Guest Speakers:

Steve Levy:  Former Suffolk County Executive, speaking about

 "New York's Top Ten Worst Laws"

"Cost Efficient Government"


Bob Schulz:  Founder & Chairman of We the People for Constitutional Education, 

"Constitutional Convention"

 New Email Address:

P.O. Box 2679

Huntington Sta., NY  11746

Tel:  631-421-6390


Sept. 2016

MEETING DATES 2015-2016:  7 pm, Plainview-Old Bethpage Library, 999 Old Country Rd.,

Plainview, NY  11803 – (516) 938-0077

We want to thank all our past speakers!
Note:  We are available for private lectures.


Tues., Sept. 6, 2016 – SPEAKERS:  Robert Schulz & Steve Levy, “The State of the State”

Tues., Oct. 4, 2016  – SPEAKER:     Eugene Cook, Huntington Councilman
Tues., Nov. 1, 2016 – SPEAKER:     Chris DiMaggio & Jeff Bloom, “Mediation”
Tues., Dec. 6, 2016 – SPEAKER:     Gary Jacobs, “Parent Alienation” 

Does anyone have any information on:  (We will keep your name confidential.)

Judge Peter Skelos (App.)                              Louis Sternberg, Esq.                         Thomas Montiglio, Esq.

Judge Gail Prudenti (Ret.)                              Mildred Michalczyk, Esq.                  Louis England, Esq.

Dean Skelos (Sen., N.Y.)                                Jason Barbara, Esq.                             Chaz Cancellare, Esq. (Deceased)

Judge Marlene Budd (S)                                 Sari Friedman, Esq.                            James O’Rourke, Esq.

Judge Emily Pines (S)                                    David Grossman, Esq.                        Kenneth Silverman, Esq.

Judge Elizabeth Emerson (S)                          Kenneth Weinstein, Esq.                    Terrence Hoffman, Esq.

Ret. Judge Dorothy Eisenberg                        Marion McNulty, Ex-Judge                Leonard Marlow, Esq.

Judge Caren Loguercio (S)                             Judge Jerry Garguilo                           Taylor Walker, Esq.

Judge Philip J. Maenza (NJ)                           Patricia Manzo Prochaska, Esq.         Frank Blangiardo, Esq.

Judge Ed Carney                                             Bruce Kaplan, Esq.                             Elliot Epstein, Esq. (Deceased)

We Need your support. Please send a donation to help keep us the oldest, most successful legal group in the world.  For nearly 25 years, we have been sending the same message: “Don’t Vote For Lawyers!”  Between 45 and 65% of all executive and legislative branches of government are lawyers.  Yet, we keep doing the same thing.  They run our lives!  Lawyers who are members of a bar association are barred legally from running for public office in the executive and legislative branches of government.  The Constitution prohibits them from running for any elected office that is not part of the Judicial Branch of Government.  To protect us against same hands tyranny, James Madison implicitly instituted the separation of powers principle in the U.S. Constitution.  Lawyers and judges have ignored the prohibition. 

Taxpayers will spend some 9 billion dollars filing in 2016.  In 1955, the tax code was some 400,000 words.  In 2016, it is 2.4 million words.  Tax compliance costs 409 billion dollars which is more than the gross product of 36 states.  (J.K. Lasser, July, 2016).  The compliance cost for estate and gift taxes alone is estimated at 20 billion dollars while revenue from these laws are 20 million dollars.  (Tax Foundation Report No. 512.)

Office of Court Administration Guideline to Govern Public Access to Family Court (12/20/2011: “A person who wishes to observe will be permitted to sit in the Court, subject to limitations.” (N.Y. Law Journal)

NEW LINKS: “Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice” – Battling wrongful convictions.  (212-362-3072).

                          “Steered Straight” – Michael Deleon, Anti-Drug Crusader. (

                          “Families in Transition” – Chris DiMaggio.  (FIT-TV-YouTube)


LEGAL ADVICE; Suffolk County Bar Pro Bono Foundation can provide free limited legal counsel and representation.  Tel:  631-883-4357 (883-HELP).

Recently, the American who made the most income last year, (some 1-1/2 billion dollars) suggested on CNBC, “We need more government for infra-structure schools and medicine.“ (He says the IRS “works well”,,,,,)  His 250 ft. boat flies a foreign flag and most of  his income is tax-free offshore.

Have you noticed any improvements since past Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman appointed a Commission for improved standards for attorney discipline in New York State?  (NYLS 9/28/15).

Unhappy with the political parties’ candidates?  Become a write-in candidate.  Contact Peter Nichols. (

 “How can one follow their case on line?.. go to “” “Where can one find free forms? …… go to “N.Y. State Free Forms” ( ( Judith Powell, Esq.)                                         Speed Cameras on Staten Island number 68 and have generated 43,000 + violations since January. (SIlive.com7/27/16).  (For more information visit

Suffolk County Judge Caren Loguercio and Suffolk’s Child Protective Service seem to get delight in separating children from one or both parents.  Child Protective Services is another corrupt government agency that gets more Federal money for each child under their jurisdiction.  Don’t they know “Both Parents Lives Matter?”

Why not change the Constitution from “We The People” to “Screw The People?”

Does anyone remember the story of Eva Peron who helped the poor and bankrupted Argentina?  (Seems that’s where we are headed.)

Thanks to lawyers, you can burn the American flag!  Doctors don’t have to take the Hippocratic Oath!  You can now pee in the streets!  We are not a Democracy, we are now an Oligopoly!

The purpose of hiring a lawyer is to make sure the truth never comes out!!
Carl Marx said: “Remove one freedom per generation and soon you will have NO freedom and NO ONE will have noticed.”

THE RIGHT TO KNOW.   (Freedom 4/15).  When the Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.) was signed on July4, 1966, it was ineffective till the Watergate Scandal in the 1970’s.  We support open Government.  Democracy depends upon informed individual citizens.  The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those that vote for a living!  North Shore L.I.J. Health System has become the first major medical group in New York to publish patient reviews of physicians online.  The program’s goal was to restore transparency between doctor and prospective patient. (NewsTimes,  9/4/2015.)  (Wake Up New York State Bar)

We don’t have to put Charles Cancellare on our list of lawyers any more.  He died of cancer.  Unfortunately, his victims will never recoup the damage he has done.

The problem with lawyer jokes is we hire them. When I was young, I was told anybody could become a lawyer and I’m beginning to believe it! I have come to conclude that litigation is too serious a matter to be left to a lawyer!

“VETERANS LIVES MATTER” – Veterans Suicide Rate are at 20 per day in the United States!  (Dept. of Veterans Affairs/WSJ, 7/8/10.)

It is estimated that only 7% of Muslims are radicalized.  In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis!

“I didn’t intend to do it” – Hillary Clinton, Esq.  “Everyone else does it” – Sheldon Silver, Esq.

When Mayor Dinkins was accused of not paying taxes, he blamed his poor memory.  “I haven’t committed a crime,” he stated.  “What I did was fail to comply with the law.”

The average graduate in the Class of 2016 has a debt of $37,000 per student.  Some 42 million American graduates now owe 1.3 trillion dollars.  Nearly 50% say “it was not worth it” and these loans are difficult to discharge in bankruptcy.  (Consumer Reports, Aug. 2016).The Bronx, (the smallest borough), is the lawsuit capital of New York City.  (New York Post, 6/17/16.)                The Bronx had Injury & Property claims of 7,442 in 2015.  The Bronx is “Plaintiff’s Paradise.” (New York Post, 6/17/16.) Starbucks was sued because their iced coffee was too cold.

There are an estimated 10,000 Federal Criminal Statutes in the U.S.  If you’re a suspect in a criminal arrest, DO NOT explain to the Police (Fifth Amendment).  There are 10,000 ways your statement can be used against you.

Steve Levy, (Director of Cost Effective Government) and Kathy Cole (ABLT) hosted a meeting to discuss how schools circumvent the 2% tax cap.  (6/8/16).

“Weitz & Luxenberg , (class action asbestos lawyers whom Sheldon Silver, Esq. worked for) took almost every cent from my father’s asbestos case.) ( Ripoff Report, Oct. 29, 2015.)

The Party of the Lawyer Candidates vs. The Party of the Non-Lawyer Candidates for President and Vice-President since 1980.,,,,,,  Democratic Party Nominated Attorneys, 10 of 12.  Republican Party Nominated Attorneys, (2 of 9).  (Cato Institute.)                                                                                                     

A five-year old kindergartener was suspended for bringing a plastic water gun to school.  (Brighton, Colorado).  (5/30/16, NRA).

A baker was fined $135,000 for not making a wedding cake for a gay couple and eventually went bankrupt from the legal expense.  (ACLU, Denver, CO).

A study by Illinois State University found that New York government is among the states with the highest corruption in the country.  (NY State of 5/19/16).  New York State has the highest number of people leaving the state.)  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman demanded that Exxon turn over its records on climate change without first asking a judge …. another case of the fox guarding the hens.  (Phillip Hamburger, author, “Is Administrative Law Unlawful?”
BE SURE to check out:  Google Gary Jacobs on – Family Law Reform


P.O. Box 2679, Huntington Sta., NY  11746

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Tuesday September 6, 2016 - 7PM


999 Old Country Road

BRING A FRIEND - New Attendees welcomed and encouraged



The center for judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA), a non-partisan, non-profit, citizens' organization collects copies of judicial misconduct complaints and dismissals to document the corruption of judicial disciplinary mechanisms, State & Federal.

Call: CJA at, 914-421-1200

THE OLDEST MOST SUCCESSFUL LEGAL GROUP IN THE WORLD begins its 21st year. It’s not that we don’t like lawyers. There are many fine lawyers, but as a profession they are the most corrupt group in the nation. We fail to realize how much of our lives they control. Many people falsely believe that you must be a lawyer to become a politician.

Lawyers control all branches of government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial), most states, cities and towns are run or controlled by lawyers. For example: Here in Huntington, Long Island, the Supervisor (for more than 20 years) Frank Petrone (not a lawyer), has more than 23 law firms on the payroll; an estimated 100 lawyers in all.

The Suffolk Supreme Courts (as all Courts), are controlled by lawyers. Seldom are they evaluated, tested, rated or disciplined. An exception recently occurred with the removal of Judge Marion McNulty. Instead of being exposed for her 20 years of incompetence and prejudices, the Court covered up by saying she is “retiring early.” (Newsday, Rick Brand, 6/27/13). No one can measure the irrefutable harm she has done to the children of the community. “There have been numerous allegations of her being disrespectful to attorneys and litigants, prejudicial and condescending in court, but most importantly, being biased in divorce proceedings and having a total lack of regard for children maintaining contact with both parents.” (Suffolk Legislative candidate Gary Jacobs, 5/18/13). Will her replacement continue the ineptness?

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