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Sept 2017



MEETING DATES 2017-2018:  7 PM, Plainview-Old Bethpage Library, 999 Old Country Rd.
Plainview, NY  11803 – (516) 938-0077

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Tues., Sep. 5, 2017:  James Coll, Nassau County Legislator Candidate
Tues., Oct. 3, 2017:   Kevin Coty: “SO you think you’re a US Citizen”
Tues., Nov. 7, 2017:  David Kapp, Esq.: Traffic Tickets
Tues., Dec. 12, 2017:  OPEN

FYI:  The Center for Cost Effective Government is hosting a meeting 9/12/17, Speaker Rob Trotta about MS13

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Judge Caren Loguercio
Judge Emily Pine
Judge Elizabeth Emerson
Judge Mel Tannenbaum
David Grossman, Esq.
Judge Jeffrey Arlen Spinner
Louis England, Esq.
James O’Rourke, Esq.
Mildred Michalczyk, Esq.
Terrence Hoffman, Esq.
John Roman, Esq.
Stephen Morelli, Esq.
Sari Friedman, Esq.
Edward Hoffman, Esq.
Jason Barbara, Esq.

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In the News:
    Nassau District Attorney Singas announced that Janet Jessup, Esq. plead guilty to Grand Larceny for stealing millions from mentally and physically disabled clients and sentenced her to three to nine-year prison

Terms.  (ABLE Newspaper).

   A Great Neck lawyer, (Martha Brosins), was sentenced to 4 – 12 years for stealing $800,000 from clients. (Jo Napolitano, Newsday).

   Steven Morelli, (a Garden City lawyer who treated his clients settle-money as his personal piggy bank) was facing 2 – 7 years prison.  (Newsday, 4/17/17).

     A suspended Syosset attorney, Debra Ann Purcell-Regis, stole more that $500,000 from the estate of two brothers (Huntington Patch, 2/18/16).

    Staten Island lawyer Richard Barret has a criminal conviction for stealing $125,000 from a divorce client’s escrow account.  (,3/21/17.)

“Judge Misconduct Complaints are up” says State Commission on Misconduct Panel.  (N.Y. Law Journal, 3/3/17).

   New York’s growing list of convicted politicians including Sheldon Silver, Esq., Dean Skelos, Esq., keeps growing.  Federal Appeals Court upheld the bribery conviction of former Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., Esq. sentenced to 14 years in prison(New York Post, 7/11/17.)

Other Stuff:

  In a world where time is money, lawyers are masters at stalling.  Where communication is crucial, they hide behind mumbo-jumbo.

MEN SAY: “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free?”

WOMEN SAY: “Why marry the pig for a little sausage?”

   It costs $165,000 a year to keep someone at Rikers Island.

  Two-thirds of the world’s lawyers are in the U.S.  The government spends $600 billion in grants every year without supervision.

          Huntington Town is offering free sunscreen to beachgoers (sponsored by Councilwoman Susan Berland,         an attorney).

  After Suffolk Judge Garguilo ordered the sale of a litigant’s home, it was discovered that the Real Estate Broker purchased and now lives in the home!

  Only in AmericaPlastic water bottles are legal, plastic bags are illegal.  Hunting and fishing without a license is illegal; entering the country illegally is ignored.  Parental permission is required for a student to take aspirin but not for an abortion.  You must show identification to take out a library book, but not to vote.  You can buy two 16 oz. sodas but not one 24 oz. in New York.  A woman can be strip-searched in a wheelchair but not in a burka.  Work and success mean more taxes and regulations.  Loafing is rewarded with free food money, medical care, housing and smart phones.  Prisoners get better medical coverage than veterans.  Eleven states have more people on Welfare than working!

Since 1980, 92% of Democratic candidates were lawyers.  Twenty-two percent of Republicans were attorneys.  (Cato Institute).

A woman was awarded $400 million by Johnson & Johnson.  She used their talcum powder and now has ovarian cancer.

    A spokesman for the State Court System, David Bookstaver, admitted pocketing $166,000 plus pension for working as little as two (2) days per week.  The president of the Supreme Court Officer’s Association said that there are other employees of O.C.A. making more than $150,000 for no-show jobs.  (NY Post, 8/17/17).

  INCOME REDISTRIBUTION                  1913                            2016

Top Tax Bracket                                       7%                                    39%
Tax Range                                                1 – 7%                10 – 39%
Total Rev. (Adj.)                                    17 billion            $3 – 4 trillion
Number of 1040 filed                           350,000              150 million
Tax Code # of pages                             400                      75,000

Obamacare Coverage:  6.5 million Americans violated the law and paid a fine rather than purchase coverage.  (1776 Coalition, Aug. 9, 2017).

  SEE: “You have the Right to Know the Law”, by The Law Team on YouTube – informative videos. (  Unlawful prevention of public access to records is a violation of NYS Statute S 240.65.  This statute applies to both Judges and Clerks (the clerks control that Courthouse).

  “The Lawyer, The Addict” – The ABA’s Commission on Lawyer Assistance Program’s most recent report identified alcohol as the No. 1 substance-abuse problem for lawyers.  The second abuse was prescription drugs.  About 21% of lawyers have a drinking problem, 28% struggle with mild or serious depression.  Seventy five percent of attorneys would not answer questions about drug use.   (New York Times, 7/15/17).  If you have a problem with a lawyer, ask for a urine analysis.

  One of the country’s largest law firms has hired a robot lawyer, ROSS, as the world’s first artificial intelligence attorney (Washington Post, 5/16/16).

  Robots in the legal profession have already saved $4 million in traffic tickets, see or donotpay chatbot (PC World, 6/28/16).

  History lesson on your Social Security Card …. Up till 1980, the Social Security card stated the number was not to be used as identification.

    A man ordered to pay child support for kids that were not his (NY Post 7/23/17).

    A young man disappointed his family when he dropped out of Law School to pursue a musical career – Bing Crosby (Giddin, Bing Crosby:  Pocketful of Dreams, 2001).

  Americans for Legal Reform has become aware of a LI company called, Guaranteed Returns, and its principals, who have been convicted of stealing nearly $180 million of clients’ money (, 3/24/17).

  The firm hired to by the US Govt. to distribute $4 Billion to victims of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, has racked up $38 Million in billings, while many victims are still waiting for their share (Investment, 5/29/17).

  When our Founding Fathers envisioned our government, they were tired of being governed by a King and a Parliament that ignored their pleas and took liberties away.  They created three branches of government, consisting of citizens elected by the people to represent their views.  Today many congressmen are career politicians who have been in office for years.  Instead of fighting for their constituents, they fight for their own personal interests.  We are tired of government acting as Masters instead of Servants.  FIRE the career politicians!  DO NOT VOTE FOR INCUMBANTS!!

  Robert Ripp, Town of Oyster Bay Whistle Blower, is running for Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor in his fight to end corruption in government.


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