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Long Island Backstory with Gary Jacobs: Guest-Ron Winter

Suffolk County Supreme Court Judge John J Leo, Long Islands #5 Worst Judge With Victim Ron Winter

NJ Law Journal: Automatic Driver’s License Suspension for Unpaid Child Support in NJ is Unfair

Just 5 states suspend Driver’s Licenses for visitation/parenting time interference: Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Utah.

How States Enforce Visitation Interference

• Some states define visitation interference synonymously with custody interference (Idaho, Texas, Washington).

• Visitation interference is grounds for suspending alimony or maintenance (New York).

• Penalty fees up to $500 (Minnesota, Pennsylvania).

• […]

NJ Judge in civil rights case rules hearings, counsel required before DL can be suspended for unpaid support

Hearings, Counsel Required for Suspending Driver’s Licenses on Unpaid Child Support

See Article – Hearings, Counsel Required for Suspending Driver’s Licenses on Unpaid Child Support

A New Jersey judge has ruled the state violates procedural due process rights of parents when it suspends driver’s licenses for nonpayment of child support without providing advance notice […]

This is Life – Divorced Dads and Child Custody

This is Life with Lisa Ling – Sundays at 10:00 PM.

These videos aired Sunday, November 11th CNN 10:00 p.m. Please take a look.

Divorce and child custody: Men cry foul

Divorced dads: Family court system is broken

When Dad can only parent a few days a month


How about, why can’t judges and attorneys for the children play nice?

Why are the parents to blame?

Keep blaming the victims

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The Epidemic of Fatherless Homes

The Epidemic of Fatherless Homes Will there be a father at your Thanksgiving table this year? Either in person, or in loving memory? For many American homes there will be no father figure. We’re suffering from an epidemic of fatherless homes, and it is getting worse every year.


The Globalization of Family Law–Federal Courts can no longer say it belongs in the states

The Globalization of Family Law

It is no news to you or your clients that the world continues to grow smaller. If you represent emerging businesses, perhaps you have helped your retired Amazon executive perform her due diligence on a cell phone ringtones business she plans to run with partners in India. Estate planning more […]