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Families In Transition Mediation Services
'Mediate Don't Litigate'

The courtroom is for criminals - NOT an appropriate place for families.
Basically divorce is about relationships… & relationships cannot be adjudicated…

There is an alternative…


Mediation is a forum provided by trained professionals that allows couples to create and determine how they want to end their relationship.

As opposed to litigation, in mediation, couples choose to cut their losses both financially and emotionally. An average uncontested litigation cost each individual
approximately $15,000, whereas an average mediation cost each individual approximately $1,500, even if contested, and regardless of how adversarial the couple may be
More often, litigation costs are commensurate with the assets a couple has and has been known to run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Families In Transition Mediation Services provides an alternative dispute resolution process. We give our clients the opportunity to settle disagreements and
divorce issues without contested litigation. The participants construct their own agreement with the guidance of our mediators. All mediations are final and as complete
as a court litigated divorce. Most mediated divorces are completed in 3 to 5 sessions.

FIT Mediation Services has offices conveniently located
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