"The Best Defense is a Good Crowd of Friends"

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Our Mission . . . 

To improve the quality of our judiciary by removing political considerations from the judicial selection process and by ensuring that the process of disciplining and removing judges is effective and meaningful.

What We Do . . .

Educate the public about the paramount importance of the judiciary and its role in protecting our constitutional form of government.

Document the nature and extent of judicial incompetence, abuse, and dishonesty and the failure of judicial conduct commissions and screening panels to protect the public.

Network judicial activists and legal reform groups around the country to promote citizen involvement, concerted action, and protection for judicial "whistleblowers".

Track media coverage of issues of judicial selection and discipline, working with reporters and editors to provide accurate coverage.

Testify before public and private bodies involved in judicial issues.

Initiate and support legal action in the public interest to advance the goal of a quality judiciary, free from political influence.

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