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Nancy SLIWA 4 New York Attorney General Campaign Letter

I am running for state Attorney General in New York because I passionately believe that New York should have the strongest animal protection laws in the nation. Voting Nancy Sliwa for Attorney General will demonstrate to the Governor and our lawmakers in Albany that protecting animals is of great importance to you and […]

Guardian Angels 12th Anniversary

On Saturday August 18, 2018, the Baltimore Regional Guardian Angels celebrated their 12th Year Anniversary of the Re-start of the Baltimore Chapter under the leadership of Marcus “Strider” Dent. Strider along with his twin brother, Taps, are veteran angels whose service with the Guardian Angels date back to the 1980s. In 2006 Strider and Taps […]

Guardian Angels Come to Albuquerque

The Baltimore Guardian Angels have been working on setting up a Guardian Angel Chapter in Albuquerque,NM for over a year. In that time gang and drug problems have escalated. They also have a growing homeless situation. In the the past week the Baltimore GA leadership team of Strider, Jazz and Tazz visited Albuquerque for the […]

Curtis Celebrates the 26th Year Anniversary Surviving Gotti Ambush

Ladies & Gentlemen,

26 years ago John Gotti Jr. had me kidnapped and shot 5 times with hollow point bullets by his goons. That was June 19th of 1992. It took 12 years for the federal government to bring him to trial on these charges. Four times they tried; four times he skated on […]